Our physicians, physician assistants and nurses are happiest when their work matters. They develop sincere patient-caregiver relationships as they heal all types of wounds and help restore lives.
Pradep Rai, MD

Pradeep Rai, MD

CEO & Medical Director

Our Mission

The ProHealth Mission

The ProHealth Mission is to offer clinical expertise by enlisting a consultative and caring approach for faster wound healing. Striving to reduce wound infection rates for those we serve at long-term care facilities as well as Hospice organizations, we continuously endeavor to develop genuine and respectful patient relationships that fully promote health and healing.

Our efforts are reflected by the ProHealth Mission such that we work in an inclusive manner by fostering open communication and transparency with onsite caregivers in order to arrive at positive health outcomes for our mutual patients. We believe that by hiring only the best in the field, our healthcare deliverables will advance the rates of wound healing for those elderly individuals we serve.

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